is arcade gannon a good companion

He will leave regardless of the Courier's preparation to move on to the final mission. This is a paraphrase of the line "The devil can cite scripture for his purpose," from. Arcade Gannon is a pretty difficult companion to get in Fallout new Vegas but can be made easy if you follow these simple steps; Get 1 Dixon Whiskey and some Ant Nectar to lower you Intelligence if you have it high already, this works well because Ant Nectar lowers it by 3 and the Whiskey lowers it by 2. At some point he became so fixated on large scale results that he lost the concept of 'the common good' along the way. 5→22→26→30→33→37 (pc level x 0.75) ", Arcade will comment on many quest events as the player character finds or completes them, such as when. 02:16, August 23, 2010 (UTC) It's spelled "Ganondorf." #shades of harry kim remembering the womb. base id confidence And to answer the question clearly: you can have either ED-E _or_ Rex, AND one other companion, no more. However, unlike some of the other companions who are associated with their respective faction, having a negative reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse does not affect the ability to recruit Arcade. As a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse, Arcade is recognized all over the wasteland. 1 year ago. It's a shame what happened up here. A bitter sweet 'life of mediocrity' isn't the same as a 'good' ending. ArcadeClass (Follower of the Apocalypse Doctor) DoctorResearcherCompanion6 of SpadesSlave (optional) May have missed somethin, though. 2 points for saying "Anderson killed White. He is torn between a sense of loyalty and tradition to his father and adoptive family and a desire to be independent, self-made. Not changing this sig until i fix my time machine. share. While he admits to having had many men in his life, he says "lovers make poor confidantes. :6%Carry Weight:210 Minor side quest/companion spoilers ahead. Arcade is noticeably taller than other non-player characters as well as the Courier. Well, I'll be. In the wake of the NCR's sacking of Navarro, the group fled the area and attempted to integrate into civilian life, but this was short-lived. Can anyone help me find a certain location? 67% Upvoted. I've already got all five "Trust" points that I need. i just got him as a companion and he has such a strong personality!! Arcade believe it was more of a sense of loyalty to his father. This quest is initiated by Arcade Gannon, when he realizes that his old friends from the now-defunct Enclave could make a difference in the battle for Hoover Dam. Interesting. [20] Arcade still keeps his father's personal suit of power armor, should the need arise for it,[21] but is at a crossroads between following his father's footsteps with the remnants or forging his own path he's personally proud of.[22]. Where do you find the key for the 2nd floor of the broadcast building at Black Mountain? hair color Arcade is the only companion I took around for a really long time, he's pretty cool and his quest that has him talk to you about locations is cool, too. 35[1] [19], By far the most affecting memories Arcade has are of his father Mark Gannon. ", 1 point for murdering non-hostile innocents. Brave When recruiting Arcade with ED-E or Rex as a companion he will make a comment on either of them. Arcade is the most intelligent companion with an Intelligence of 10 and the most charismatic companion with a Charisma of 6. Neither answer is particularly comforting. [15], Forced to conceal his past for fear of NCR persecution, he has a desire for companionship from someone he knows he can trust. I was using Energy Weapons on that playthrough and it was kind of fun to see me, ED-E, and Arcade all pew pew'ing away at every enemy. Arcade was proud to have been one of the defenders who helped repel the Legion from Hoover Dam. "[8][9] In his spare time he reads "Pre-War books about failed socioeconomic policies". He prefers research to healing because he’s "not good with people." 1 point for saying "What's done is done." For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Keep arcade gannon but get tesla armor aswell". Had he known, he'd still disagree, rightfully, with House's methods. The Courier has a high reputation with the Followers. Posted by. [10], Arcade is highly intelligent, personable, and quick-witted. (which requires Intelligence 7), followed by "It was either this or spend the rest of his life in an NCR chain gang." when Arcade asks why they are there. Fallout: New Vegas character tag skills 43. Despite doing a great deal of good for people in Freeside, he still worries about whether or not the path he's taken is one his father could be proud of. Good combat companion. He was never heard from again. when Arcade chastises the Courier if they finished the quest by extorting money from the. affiliation Memories of Judah Kreger are of him keeping the remnants together, an astonishing feat considering Cannibal Johnson and Orion Moreno's hostility, and how Kreger was always kind and welcoming to him but never getting too close. Beyond the BeefBitter Springs Infirmary BluesEt Tumor, Brute?For Auld Lang Syne Note that for this approach, the Courier needs to first ask, "Do you need any help?" [12], Arcade is strongly averse to groups he views as fascist and imperialist, such as the New California Republic and especially Caesar's Legion. Old Mormon FortThe Fort (optional)Hoover Dam (optional) family 02:16, August 23, 2010 (UTC) It's spelled "Ganondorf." Brings back some interesting memories. Male Physical Traits Gannon may refer to: Arcade Gannon, a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse and possible companion in Fallout: New Vegas. During the NCR's retreat from the Mojave Wasteland, he helped defend NCR citizens and refugees on their way to, When news reached Freeside that Legion forces were approaching New Vegas, Arcade did his best to help people escape with adequate supplies. GECK race This quest is initiated by Arcade Gannon, when he realizes that his old friends from the now-defunct Enclave could make a difference in the second battle for Hoover Dam. 0010c767 Arcade Gannon is the son of an Enclave officer, born in Navarro in 2246, four years after the destruction of Control station Enclave. How do I get to the Boomers without being blown up? Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. dialogue As he grew up, he bonded closely with his mother and his de facto family, the Enclave Remnants, a group that had formerly served in the same unit as his f… Just started working for the King. In order to get this, you'll need to recruit Arcade Gannon and also gain Arcade Gannon's trust through a few discussions. Aggressive You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. There are certain tasks you have to complete and certain places you have to visit inorder to trigger the quest. Behavior Arcade Israel Gannon[1] (born 2246)[1] was a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse and possible companion in 2281. However, unlike some of the other companions who are associated with their respective faction, having a negative reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse does not affect the ability to recruit Arcade. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Arcade Gannon's Companion Quest will give you the opportunity to get Power Armor and Power Armor Training from the Enclave Remnants. Arcade Gannon (Old Mormon Fort, Freeside) - In one of the tents. He questions House's motives due to House's seeming lack of compassion, which the Followers carry in spades. I thought his background was legit, I didnt see a disconnect. Arcade Gannon Please be rational." There's a reference to Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3 in this quest. 1 point for saying "You're assuming a motive without evidence. derived stats Now, I'm stuck with Lily, the only companion left alive (never recruited Boone, so he does not count). *Thunder*. role He doesn't know House's motives, you do. modified SPECIAL location ... #fallout new vegas #arcade gannon #i don't know maybe his brain is just that powerful. [11], He has a deep-seated desire to effect societal change on a broad spectrum, but he is only too familiar with what can happen when ideals become more important than the needs of individuals. Arcade Gannon is such a good character to have. Is Fallout new Vegas The Best in the series? Reporting back to Caesar after assassinating Kimball. [13][14] Arcade feelings on Caesar's Legion are by far the strongest, viewing Caesar as a regressive megalomanic that's re-creating the past instead of creating anything new. I did all the following: Spoke with Thomas Hildern and in the following conversation with Arcade Gannon, chose the dialogue option "Good thing there are still people like you around." (Dislike is not raised until Arcade comments negatively. 30 comments. Hit Points: 170→255→275→295→310→330Fatigue: 180→250→320→400→470→530Critical Chance:4%Unarmed Dam. 6 ST, 6 PE, 4 EN, 6 CH, 10 IN, 6 AG, 4 LK They are, as follows: The Strip's not a bad place if you love terrible things and people. ), The Courier responds to one of his challenges with some variation of "If you don't like it, leave.". Gannon joined the Followers of the Apocalypse to find a peaceful application for his skills and began working in Freeside. u/Tobo_The_Hobo1. editor id Additional info How to get the companion "Arcade Gannon". followed by "Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting." It's an inhumane kind of public service when people and the basic resources they need become numbers in a ledger. Arcade Gannon (806) Craig Boone (389) Female Courier (286) Veronica Santangelo (277) Male Courier (273) Rose of Sharon Cassidy (256) Courier (Fallout) (200) Raul Tejada (159) Vulpes Inculta (155) ED-E (130) Include Relationships Male Courier/Arcade Gannon (186) Craig Boone/Arcade Gannon (63) Craig Boone/Female Courier (57) 2 points for saying "With how messed up New Vegas is, do you really think Caesar has nothing to offer?" for two points, according to the wiki. edit - Arcade offered no dialogue to recruit him so I used the Gun Runners' companion dismissal computer terminal (right next to their shop), dismissed all companions, went back to Arcade Gannon and the dialogue to invite him was there again. 10:11, May 10, 2017 (UTC) I'm having a bug re-recruiting Arcade Gannon.

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