kingfish off the rocks

So Matt and the team bring along a few toys to try and capture the action from all angles. The brand braid you choose comes down to personal choice but a fused 8-ply braid is a good start. The fishing trip starts on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island – straight out into the Pacific Ocean. The just announced Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize for the 2021 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show will again be a huge incentive for Kiwi boaties and fishers to attend the country’s largest, longest-running and most popular boat show. I had planned to move left but the fish powered straight down removing any chance to go that way. Dawn is also well suited to the top-water fishing as it tends to be the stillest time of day. Thank you! Still the fish powered down, all I could do was hang on. There’s no plan for that. Sight-fishing kingfish from the rocks is hard to beat and a good pair of polaroid sunglasses is the key. It includes a Surtees 7.5-metre 750 Game Fisher enclosed cabin, a Yamaha F250 4-stroke outboard complete with Helm Master EX boat control system, a custom tandem Hosking trailer, a comprehensive Garmin electronics package and much more. I was going to physically, but for one minor hiccup smoking. As for leaders, kingfish aren't very prone to destroying these, so probably a bimini twist knot to a 60lb leader would be enough. From the rocks, 80lb to 100lb leader material is favoured. Again Milan has been scouting for land based fishing spots on google earth. At 0001 hours on Saturday the 7th of November, the high country fishing season kicked-off throughout Canterbury. I could feel the line on the weed, still running. After a hard day on the rocks it’s decided that going back to a spot that Milan lost 3 King Fish in one day is the best chance of success. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Michael Walkley shows some EGI techniques and tips as we have an epic land based squid session throughout the night. The boys find themselves in the right place at the right time. The biggest fish that is caught weighs about 25 kilos. Most landbased topwater anglers choose to spool up with 24 or 37kg braid, depending on personal preference. Here it’s possible to catch kingfish – one of the world’s strongest fish – directly from the rocky coast. They're both massively popular recreational species that take bait or lures and can grow to more than 30kg, with the average fish encountered in NSW waters at least … They work fine when simply wound in fast, so no practice required. At the annual Lake Coleridge fishing competition over 200 anglers entered the popular contest and many more came for the prize draw. Oops! On the right day marinas, sand flats, estuaries, river mouths, rocky points and wharves are all likely kingfish haunts. It will help with a precise release and ensure a long smooth cast. report. Kingfish on the Rocks The fishing trip starts on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island – straight out into the Pacific Ocean. To join the braid and mono you can’t go past an FG knot. Yamaha School of Fish - Deep Dropping with Whitiangler, INTRODUCING THE LATEST SIMRAD® VHF RADIO & CLASS-B AIS SYSTEMS, New netting restrictions now in place to protect Hector’s and Māui dolphins, How To Use A Sabiki Rig To Catch Live Bait, Trout season 2020 -2021 begins on October 1st, Deepwater fishing for hapuku, bass and bluenose. Tagged. Since hitting the global market, the 2250 has become one of the most popular Stabicraft vessels in what was already a pretty impressive fleet. Pete Lamb Special, Fishing | Time | Moon | Tide | Current | Weather, Epic Freediving & Snorkelling at Goat Island, SImply Kingfish - Matt Watson Ultimate Fishing, Ranfurly Banks bluefin & deep drop action, How to fish microjigs and slow jigs with Rob Fort, High detail slow pitch jig techniques explained, Drone footage - Epic shots and Epic Fails: Ultimate Fishing TV, FIELD TRIPS USA in NZ for GIANT Yellowtail Kingfish & Snapper, How to get back on your SOT kayak with Paddle Guy & Dave, Freediving for Crays, West Coast New Zealand, Milford Madness! Simrad are pleased to announce the arrival of our premium multi-station black box marine radio systems - the SIMRAD® RS100 and RS100-B. Even then this fish didn’t rate as high as the first New Zealand king I gaffed: A 32kg monster caught by pharmacist Mike Richardson at Spirits Bay. Use a split a solid ring between the leader and the lure. Join Lars and Mark as they venture out to catch one of the strongest fish in the world – the kingfish. In this country, kingfish are with out doubt the most prized species likely to be fooled by an artificial bait. Although 24kg may seem like over kill for smaller kings, when you are trying to pull one out of the weeds or stop it from reaching the rocks you will be grateful for it! These systems are expandable and customisable to suit any boat and any on-water communication needs. A kingfish when hooked close to the shore will head at speed for the nearest rocks, and a kingfish caught on a jig in offshore waters will dive for the bottom. Where’s the best place to attempt a gaff shot? In many areas, livebaiting is the best method to consistently catch our distinguished inshore gamefish. A good catch of kingfish taken off Minerva Reef in southwest Victoria. You may like these posts. Saltwater. That’s the basic principle but there are many walk-the-dog type variations as well. For optimal casting try a leader length that allows the joining knot to sit under your finger while the lure hangs about 70-90cms from the rod tip. Fishing from the shore usually means fishing in relatively shallow water and often over foul or heavily weeded ground. Targeting kingfish on lures from the rocks is nothing new. Like any battle, planning ahead can be the key to victory. Both are wide-ranging in NSW, being found in bays, estuaries, along ocean rocks and over offshore reefs. Off the rocks, I use a Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gold, 8-12kg, a 3.6m rod mounted with a 6500 Pflueger Salt thread line spooled with 10 … Decent shoes are also important as you will often need to run down the beach, rocks or ledge to a bust up that may be over in seconds. When targeting kingfish off the rocks you could also suspend your bait under a bobby cork or a party balloon that has only been blown up to half its size. Topwater lures are more likely to be noticed on a calm surface than a choppy one. save. Stickbaiting off the rocks of New Zealand for Kingfish. Here is an absolute game changer technology advance from Yamaha that will hold your boat, single or twin outboards, over your fishing spot all by itself, letting you concentrate on the fishing. I especially enjoy the explosive takes, although landing one is always a challenge when land-based. KINGFISH ON FLY OFF THE ROCKS – NORFOLK ISLAND. Finding Kingfish Having launched the boat we set off in search of exposed rocks and reefs with fast tidal water pushing over and around them. They happen because of a number of factors including poor quality braid, bad line lay, bad guide configuration, excess line on the spool, too long a leader, headwinds, side-winds or exerting too much force when casting. So anyway I'm interested in targeting kingfish, great amberjack, yellowfin/longtail tuna, spanish mackerel & maybe marlin but at the moment i really want to put in solid time to get some good kingies 20kg and up, around sydney or up north/down … Yellowtail Kingfish off the Rocks. CATCHING YELLOWTAIL KINGFISH OFF THE SW ROCKS. I have three outfits I use when targeting kingfish – off the rocks, offshore and in the bays and estuaries. AlexsFishin loop video or see full youtube channel statistics, revenue calculation or use sub … Stickbaiting off the rocks of New Zealand for Kingfish. - Bluenose and Blue Sharks, Soft bait basics with Matt Watson - Ultimate Fishing, How to catch tarakihi - Pete Lamb's top tips, How to use the all new Catch 'BOSS SQUID', Fish On in the Hawke’s Bay region under Alert Level 3, How to correctly flush and clean your Yamaha outboard, South Island salmon harvest survey to start, Pete Lamb’s top tips for catching snapper, How to smash your PB kingfish on stick baits, Fishing with Venturer Charters off Kawhia / Raglan, Tips and tricks for fishing off the rocks, Create your own assist rigs for inchiku and other jigs, Hints and tips for surf casting off the sand, Reading the Beach - sandbars, troughs and cuts, How to target bluenose with Ultimate Fishing, The best fishing spots at Whangarei Heads, New Zealand, Surfcasting Muriwai Beach - Tips and tricks, It influences whether the kings will be present and in hunting mode, It allows you to sight fish and present directly to them, It increases the likelihood they will see your lure. Decent shoes are also important as you will often need to run down the beach, rocks or ledge to a bust up that may be over in seconds. Also saltwater fisho's should take a good look at the Arbour Knot for setting up all the saltwater reels too. We have found dawn to be the most productive wherever the location. Your submission has been received! Although kings turn up in seemingly unlikely spots, the places they can be caught with consistency tend to be more specific.

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