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Read more. In fact, it was good enough that I’d go back. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. Sardinian Brandy – Filu ‘e Ferru. The Hairy Bikers in Sardinia . Province of Sassari. For food lovers embarking on Sardinia holidays, the cuisine will be at the forefront of their mind. An excellent example of the longevity of Sardinia’s heirloom produce is the Grenache wine grape, ancient samples of which have been dated back to … This was one of my favourite dishes in Sardinia and one I’ll definitely be trying to make this at home. Best hotels for food lovers . Sardinia has a long tradition of cooking snails, especially in the North area around the third-largest city of Sassari, where the cuisine is inspired by the countryside. Seafood was going to be on the Sardinian food menu, for sure, but the pastures of the interior promised something more. If you want to try it at home you’ll find a recipe here and you can get your hands on some malloreddus here. And, for the first time in a long time, it felt like I was experiencing Italy anew. I’d be checking my pulse if cured meat didn’t show up on the table during an Italian meal and Sardinia didn’t let me down. This was seafood risotto with sprinkled with coffee – an interesting combinations that I was initially dubious about but then pleasantly surprised by. But, as my flight cruised over the mass of Sardinia, it was the cloud-high mountainous interior that peaked my interests – and also my appetite. Another after dinner drink is Sardinian brandy, or filu ‘e ferru. I’m fast loosing count of the number of times I’ve been to Italy, but my sojourn to Sardinia was the first time I’d visited one of the country’s islands. Healthy food for longevity: Sardinia’s Blue Zone. A word on Italian dining: If you’re not familiar with the Italian way of doing dinner you can read about the various courses of Italian cuisine here, but it generally goes: It’s important to remember the length of a full Italian meal so you don’t stuff your gills by the end of the primo course (as I have done more than once). Actually, let’s make that EVER. Interestingly, a recent study by the University of Sassari suggests a connection between G6PD deficiency and longevity. I’m all in for a food adventure and there’s not a cheese on the planet I won’t try…apart from this one. Traditional Sardinian Food Recipes and Products Discover on a wide range of Sardinian recipes, and the typical ingredients from this region renowened all over the world: bottarga, carasau bread and more! My indulged pallet preferred this saltier version. Personally, I wasn’t as keen on this version. If you do want to try this (why, why, why? Have you been to Sardinia? Grazie. I did have a tiny pang of guilt when this arrived at the table but the delicate scent of roasted pork eventually lured me in. I have done a lot of research (and written a cookbook) from the island of Crete and just like Sardinia, food in Crete is celebrated and is eaten with abandon. Typical Sardinian cuisine tradition boasts very ancient roots, at first agro-pastoral, that slowly expanded acquiring in time also recipes based on fish and other seafood, typical of fishermen. But not one you’re going to see me eating any time soon. This confirms my suspicion that “The Blue Zones” By vegan Dan Buettner is vegan propaganda because he claims sardinians eat a plant based diet. Spaghetti with sea urchin. Fish and seafood were my first thoughts when I knew I was travelling to Sardinia and I wasn’t disappointed. Mussels are popular in Sardinia and are commonly served with fregola. Mega minus points for wrapping it in courgette (zucchini) which, frankly, is the work of the devil. There was also tripe. Each area has its specialties; pasta, bread, cheeses, meat, seafood, and natural herbs are the basis for a range of tasty dishes to discover on a trip to this beautiful region. Amazon, Bluehost and Prosecco tours) that provide a commission to me if you buy through these links. Yep, you heard me right. The cuisine of Sardinia is the traditional cuisine of the island of Sardinia, and the expression of its culinary art.It is characterised by its own variety, and by the fact of having been enriched through a number of interactions with the other Mediterranean cultures while retaining its own identity. This Sardinia guide, we share travel tips about the island with a focus on where to go, when to go, and where to stay. Whether they miss the sun, sea, the people or food (or all of the above) – everyone leaves Sardinia with an eagerness to come back. Piedmont is home to tarajin, plin, vitello tonnato, and brasato al barolo. Sardinian Products . Thanks to the extensive cattle and livestock that grazes the interior of the island, most of the hams and salamis that were served were locally produced and tasted all the better for it. ;p Yes, the idea of eating with abandon has been taken out of context in the western world. most popular Sardinian food products. vile on a plate (IMO). Plus he says sardinians eat a lot of fava beans which is highly suspect because rates of favism (or G6PD enzyme deficiency in which one develops hemolytic anemia upon consumption of fava beans or inhalation of fava bean pollen) are high in Sardinia. In fact, Sardinia, in ancient times, was inhabited mainly in the woods of the inland, while coasts, partly for punic/phoenician invasion, partly for the less than savory air, were almost desert. Discover the local and “slow food” and the romantic boutique hotels of the Island..... Once upon a time in an ancient Island An ancient culture where myths used to blend with everyday life. What follows is a quick guide to Sardinian food with plenty of pictures to whet your appetite. But he could equally have been talking about Sardinian food. Nice enough to try but I certainly wasn’t craving for more. Metropolitan City of Cagliari . Sardinian food is regionally specific and there are several foods that you can only find in Sardinia. What I will say is that these were by far the freshest and most delicate tasting sardines I’ve ever tried. There wasn’t a lunch or dinner in Sardinia that didn’t start with a basket of pane carasau (translation: music paper bread). Whitebait – a.k.a. My trip was courtesy of the Sardinian Tourist Board and was arrange in conjunction with Borghi Italia Tour Network. Famous for Vermentino di Gallura , Sospiri di Ozieri, Vermentino di Gallura Vendemmia Tardiva . Wine, beer, liquors and much more: Sardinia is the perfect place for wine tourism. However, you need to trust me – this combination absolutely works. Try the porceddu. Healthy food . Only when the cream and larvae ratio is two to one can the cheese be consumed, along with the worms. If I said pecorino cheese fritter bathed in local Abbamele honey, I’d understand if you didn’t get too excited by the sound of sebadas. You can also find Pane Guttiau, which is more heavily salted and includes oregano. If you want to try it at home you’ll find a recipe here, you can get your hands on some malloreddus here, And here’s the book if you want to figure out how to eat like a Sardinian at home: The Blue Zones, Second Edition: 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest. Some people say that sardines are from Sardinia (it would make sense) but it’s an ongoing, passionate debate that I don’t intend to throw myself into. Our aperitivo has a strong focus on cold cuts and cheese so you can expect to try things such as dry sausage, pancetta, lard, ham and various kinds of aged and semi-aged pecorino, accompanied by … ), you’ll have to do a deal on the black market because its now banned: for health and safety reasons. I’ve never liked these tiny fish complete with heads, tails and innards. You can find a vegan-friendly guacamole recipe here if you want to tune out. Thanks for sharing. Meat was both abundant and cooked extremely well. A really interesting read, well written and very true. Healthy food for longevity: Sardinia’s Blue Zone. Sardinia is one of the most ancient lands in Europe, visited by man in the Palaeolithic period but inhabited permanently much later in the Neolithic age, around 6000 B.C. Around 1000 B.C. Sardinian food recipes are based on a long tradition and trough the time they become world-known.PANE CARASAUSardinian bread with a very flat and crunchy cylindrical shape that last for a long time. I could easily have been tricked into thinking the brain was chicken, which was interesting because the last time I ate brain (that’s right, this wasn’t my first brain rodeo), it was chicken brain, which happened to taste of egg. Try the malloreddus alla campidanese and sebadas. If you want to try it at home, you can find recipes here and you can buy fregola here. There is a term that the Italians use to describe that mild feeling of missing Sardinian land once you’ve left it: saudade sarda and I can assure you it’s a real thing. Plus, the shape was reminiscent of a dragon’s spine. Sardinian cuisine is extremely varied, enriched through the centuries by the exchanges and influences from other populations of the Mediterranean basin: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Spanish. I will take you to some even better ones! Select from premium Sardinia Food of the highest quality. Log in, Brussels Sprout and Kale Salad inspired by Blue Door Farm Stand. Consequently, I was served cow and lamb brain, cow tongue and entrails. Great inventive menu where you can try brains and other animals innards. The Best Restaurants in Costa Smeralda Tenuta Pilastru. The complete foodie guide to Sardinia by Pete Dreyer 29 June 2018 Sardinia’s rich and varied history has made it an incomparable food destination, with influences stretching back 2,500 years. n/a 5 foods. Unlike any other bread I’ve tasted in Italy, this specifically Sardinian food is closer to a poppadom or crispy taco than bread – which isn’t a bad thing – especially when you’re staring down the end of your fork at four hearty courses. Once I’d freed it from the courgette covering, I was in my happy fish-eating place. Discover the best recipes and must try. Check out my Self-Drive Itinerary. Let’s face it, risotto is not a photogenic dish. If you do like that sharp flavour, dig in. Girl, you need to come back so you can visit more restaurants. Sardinia is also well known for its sugary and almond flavoured sweets from amarettus (the brown biscuits on the right of the picture above) to papassini (the iced biscuits in the picture below) to maringa (the meringues in the bottom picture). Or just plainly roasted and served with potatoes – because that’s all good quality lamb really needs. The mountainous inland terrain is home to wild animals (boar, mountain goat, hare, and more) which are transformed into succulent pasta sauces, stews, and roasts. The majority of traditional Sardinian food is … Expect this cheese to show up time and time again in Sardina: in its pure form, in ravioli, over pasta and even in dessert. While the concept of Agriturismo (Agricultural Tourism) is the best way to truly experience regional cuisine in any of Italy's stunning regions, this notion rings especially true for Sardinia, given the high variety of dishes the island has to offer. Once again, apologies to my veggie readers…and even some non-veggies might need to skip this one. LATEST … This colorless liqueur is an excellent digestive, and intended to be served at room temperature. Day 1-4: Cala Gonone. Sardinia, one of the 20 regions of Italy, is different from the rest of the country on many levels. What, no brains and oysters? If you’re a cheese lover, you’ll probably have tasted pecorino cheese before, but did you know that most of it is produced in Sardinia? I genuinely didn’t understand 80% of this but thanks for stopping by ;p. Great post , so interesting and informative about Sardinia post , thank you for sharing the lovely pictures and blog. I am looking forward to visiting Sardinia soon. I am very excited to eat the foods you recommended (I might skip the brains and oysters). You can find a vegan-friendly guacamole recipe here if you want to tune out. Did you catch the Hairy Bikers exploring the delicious food of Sardinia? Plus points for stuffing this fish with bacon. It’s also one of Italy’s oldest cheeses. Blog; Contact us; Healthy food. Thank you for supporting me. Distinctly Sardinian, fiore sardo is another type of pecorino cheese that isn’t so commonly found off the island. Here is where I decided to focus my third blog on National Geographic’s and Dan Buettner’s blue zones. Shepherds, during the long periods when they were herding the… Planning a trip to Sardinia? Just make sure you have dental cover on your travel insurance. Sorry I couldn’t invent a more delicate title and advance apologies to any vegan and veggie readers – it’s just going to be that kind of article with worse to come below. Now, prawn wrapped in bacon and curled with pane carasau I can get behind. Among the tastiest pasta dishes in the whole of Italy, the pasta in Culurgiones is filled … That’s why in this Sardinia blog, and in our Sardinia Food Guide, we share some tips on how to explore the island, but we focus on food and drink. It’s a delicious mix of ... Hi, I'm David, the brains and tongue behind the Everyday Food Blog, as well as a sommelier and food & wine writer based in Melbourne. The fleshiness of the prawn with the smokey bacon flavour meant this piece of antipasti was gone in one inelegant bite. Yep. Discover unique products prepared using strictly local ingredients; learn about Sardinian beauty products, fashion and much more. However, I tried them on their own. Some people attribute this to the food as well as the lifestyle. At the end there is a list of the places where I ate. The mind boggles. Culurgiones. Between you and I, I nicknamed this the ‘angry bread’. I tried several kinds of fish in Sardinia including bottarga (mullet), rombo (brill) and orata (bream). Those who go mad about raw seafood will fall in love with this dish. If your conscious won’t let you stick a fork into Peppa Pig, there are plenty of pork alternatives on the menu. The most difficult part was waiting for it to be cooked. Oliena, Ristorante L’Essenza Bistrot – if you’re in the mood for a modern bistro that serves up fresh seafood and fish, L’Essenza is a great choice. However, that doesn’t mean that Sardinia lacks a cuisine of its own size that is particular to its culture, history and position in the sea. Obviously. If you’re lucky enough to find it (it’s usually reserved for weddings and celebrations), try pan’e saba, pictured above, – a fruit and nut combo that’s not too far off Christmas cake. Castelsardo, Ristorante Da Ugo – this restaurant has too many photos of A-Listers and the glitterati dining here that it can’t get them all up on the wall. The brains were made edible thanks to the battering and deep frying, which tends to make most things more tasty. Filleted and served with polenta (above). Sardinians in ancient times were shepherds for the most part. I tried pork ribs – not something I ever associated with Italy before but a nice alternative to the sticky glazed versions I’ve eaten in the States. Blog > Food & Drink . Find the perfect Sardinia Food stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Located west of the bulk of the boot of Italy, Sardinia is the country’s largest island and in my mind I pictured a land of beaches, boats and summer sun. As for Sardinian food, you will find incredible products and sometimes unique in its kind. It was interesting to try, tasty to eat, but I won’t be scouring my homeland to get my hands on anything similar. No tins here. 1,2 I am taking a deep dive into Buettner’s research through my functional medicine, dietitian and engineer lenses. This restaurant doesn’t have a website but you can read reviews on Trip Advisor here. Actually Casu Martzu is the goat that is colonised by dairy fly larvae, whose eggs then hatch into larvae that feed on the cheese. Looks like meat is a large part of the Sardinian diet. 4. Sardinian Food – Where and What to Eat in Sardinia What follows is a quick guide to Sardinian food with plenty of pictures to whet your appetite. Tongue I’ve tasted before (the pale brown bit in the background of the above picture), which isn’t too dissimilar to a piece of roast beef. Any Sardinian foods I missed? Probably. What is it?…The simple explanation is Sardinan ravioli but the real treat is found inside: a stodgy yet moreish blend of potatoes and pecorino. Why? n/a 4 foods. Isolated from the mainland, from where it is very far, its food reflects its ancestral culture and traditional activities. Read more. Before I arrived in Sardinia, I’d imagined the island to be all-but barren of meat but that wasn’t the case. You can read reviews on Trip Advisor here. Oliena, Ristorantino Masiloghi – with rustic decor the focus seems to be on simple, fresh flavours. I knew very little about Sardinian dishes before we started planning … Sardinian food combines all these elements as its influences, making for unique and delicious flavours. Squid antipasti with artichoke was almost predictable, and a bit disappointing from my point of view. Porcheddu – sucking pig that is only one month old – is perhaps the most famous of all Sardinian foods. Travelling from Cagliari in the south to Olbia in the north, my trip to Sardinia took me from coast to coast and through the myriad hilltop towns in between. Cultural Crossroads, Fabulous Food Literally thousands of rare species of plants and animals grow and live on the island, some entirely unique to Sardinia. Often served with seafood, I tried it cooked in a basic tomato sauce with fresh pecorino. Seafood and fish abound. Discover the many beauties and tastes of Sardinia … Sardinian pizza is great, either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sardinian food is just like the island itself. Most commonly served in a tomato sauce with sausage, the secret ingredient (saffron) gives this dish an elegant lift. Here’s what I ate…. For the best in agriturismo. Regions. Ever since I got oyster poisoning a couple of years ago, I’ve not been willing or able to eat oysters but they smelt fresh, looked great and were popular with the other diners. Still, if you put a plate of this down in front of me, I’d somehow manage to find room. Best eaten near the coast, it was nice to have a contrast to the meat I’d eaten during my journey through Sardinia’s hilltop towns. Try the culurgiones and fregola. Mussels, mussels everywhere – and in this tomato based soup, it was possible to pick up the seafood flavour without losing the taste of the soup. Sardinia does occupy a smaller space geographically than its Mediterranean counterpart Sicily. But, if you like whitebait, you’ll find it on the antipasto menu in Sardinia. Sardinia is a large, mountainous island off the west coast of southern Italy. Let me know in the comments below. Just as you loosen your belt, wondering if you have space for dessert, I thought I’d mention that Sardinia is one of the world’s Blue Zones – where the locals have unusual longevity. Sardinian Food. The lifestyle was so lovely in Sardinia and if Crete is the same, I’ll have to visit soon! Again, a simple tomato sauce is all that’s needed to finish this dish. Top 10. most popular Sardinian beverages. I’d have to. Don’t be put off by the somewhat basic decor and unattractive frontage. Not that it was badly done, just that I’m not a fan of antipasti in vinaigrette – whether it’s squid, peppers, or anything else. Lamb, the island's favorite meat, is often cooked in the company of wild fennel, and sheep's milk cheese appears at nearly every Sardinian meal. There is no extra cost to you but what I earn means I can keep offering travel advice for free. Not a single one. There is so mch to do that I’ve already written anothe super comprehensive blog post with a list of activities to try while in Alghero ... but you would also love to see the traditional Sardinian culture, village and food. After several trips to Italy, I’ve learned how different the food in each region can be. the Phoenicians began to land on the shores of Sardinia with increasing frequency. Their latest show, Hairy Bikers' Mediterranean Adventure, can be seen on BBC2 or on BBC iPlayer. Tender with a very thick rind, I preferred the meat and the crackling to the rich, fatty layer, which was a bit too flabby for me. And here’s the book if you want to figure out how to eat like a Sardinian at home: The Blue Zones, Second Edition: 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest. It’s spiky, hard, dry and prone to hurt your mouth. The Golfo di Orosei area really has it all! As you might expect, fish and seafood can turn up in any course (though thankfully not dessert). What To Eat In Sardinia Italy. I’d much rather have my fill of beautiful handmade cheese than 3 Big Macs back to back! The 18th century zoologist was probably talking about the wildlife. Francesco Cetti once said, “There is not in Italy what there is in Sardinia, nor in Sardinia what there is in Italy.”. I love that many of the places where people live the longest are also where they eat with great pleasure bordering on hedonism! The food makes up for it. It was served with a curled and fried piece of pane carasau: a nice touch. The Sardinian fish was so fresh, it practically swam to the plate. A typical cheese from Sardinia and Corsica, it also has the slightly alarming name of the cheese with worms. Cagliari, Ristorante Flora – a traditional-styled restaurant full of antique furniture. Thank you for the excellent article! I don’t think there is an amount of money you could pay me to eat that. Don’t worry malloreddus alla campidanese merely looks like a plate of bugs or worms – it’s actually a kind of pasta that’s native to Sardinia and tastes damn fine. VIEW MORE. The sights were as splendid as you might expect – after all, I was in Italy, (you can read more about those sights here) but I spent a lot of my time idling over four course meals, learning that Cetti had nailed it years ago: there is not in Italy what there is in Sardinia, and you have to taste your way through the traditional Sardinia foods to know how true that is. Aperitivo is a literally a ritual in Sardinia and a chance to try some of the best Sardinian food. And if you like this recipe, you might like trying recipes from an Ikarian diet too! You’ll find ribollita, pici, and bistecca alla fiorentina in Tuscany. Unique and full of flavor, Sardinian food is nothing like you can imagine. IndianaJo features some links (e.g. Intake’s mission is to improve global health through data-driven nutrition. Sardinia, Italy: Home of the Healthiest and Longest Living Men. The … You can find a recipe for culurgiones here. Laconi, Ristorante Sardegna – a family-run business that’s been going for generations and has great views. But it doesn’t need to be – the flavours make up for it. I tried the lot, with the exception of tripe, which I’ve been dared into eating twice, before finally vowing never to try it again. And then there was lamb, another popular secondo. It was so strong that it left a small tingle on my tongue. If you’re still with me, I visited one restaurant (details below), which tries to serve as much of each animal as it can. I’ll also check out your cookbook. Sardinian Drinks. Learn more about the food and drink of this beautiful Mediterranean paradise. At the end there is … I’ve just eaten lunch and I’m feeling perfectly full. Tiny pearls of pasta, some people liken fregola to cous cous, but it’s got a much softer texture and consistency – more akin to rice in my view. Still, it’s a Sardinian food, so give it a try. Nuoro, Monti Blu – a quirky restaurant that feels a bit like a curiosity shop that has a shop and cafe on the ground floor. Bright orange, juicy (but not too squishy), the drizzle of olive oil added a new flavour combination I’d not tried before; and I’m pleased to say it’s one I will be trying again. Top 10. most popular Sardinian dishes. But if you are having them for dinner, add some cannonau wine to round out the Sardinian experience! We all know that healthy food is good for our body and mind, but did you know that it can also make your life 10 years longer? I tried one, I did, and still it was a no. Infested with maggots, Sardinia’s casu marzu is a ‘special’ kind of cheese. Top 10. most popular Sardinian alcoholic beverages. Be slow, Be Chic The slow philosophy is ideal to experience Sardinia. It may sound dull but if you’re familiar with the fresh quality of Italian tomatoes and local cheese, you’ll know that is was anything but. I believe that food and wine are just stories waiting to be told.

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