swamp cooler blower shaft

It is a good idea to check the distribution tubing regularly, especially if the air doesn’t seem cool enough. Tradewinds Parts, Bearing 60PB, Bearing 60PBS, Shaft 46S22, Shaft 56SS1, Blower Wheel 46BW4, Blower Wheel 56BW5. The parts of an evaporative cooler are all designed to facilitate efficient evaporation of water and circulation of the cooled air into the home. The grease fittings on the top of the swamp cooler bearings require regular maintenance in order to prevent the bearings from drying out. Features. An evaporative cooler has one pulley at each end of the drive belt: the motor pulley and the blower pulley. The float valve rises and falls with the water level and its lever shuts off the water supply when the water in the pan reaches the required level. Cooler pads should be changed each year, either when you winterize or de-winterize the cooler. (washer goes between wheel hub & bearing.) Tighten if necessary and repeat test. If that doesn’t work, the bearings will need to be replaced. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Evaporative Coolers Aircool carries all PMI brand coolers. Using a different-sized pulley could put unnecessary stress on the motor and affect how the cooler runs. The motors on evaporative coolers usually work fine until they don't—they don't gradually decline. The drain is a hollow tube that is mounted in the bottom of the cooler pan. Don't try this unless you are confident in those skills. Aaron Stickley is a licensed plumber with first-hand knowledge in solving home plumbing problems. See the photo in the link below. $27.49. Anderson Metals Cooler Drain Fitting - Brass 3/4 x 1/2 inch. The 3/4 In. Oil blower bearings by filling each bearing oil cup with a high grade, non-detergent, cooler … If you have any doubts about which kind you have, bring the old bearings along when buying the replacements. 4.2 out of 5 … When this happens, it can make the pulley squeak and create more problems for the unit. These pads work well, but if the strips get loose, they can clog up the pump, so placing an extra screen around the pump can be a good idea. Depending on the appliance model, the bearings come in either high-rise and low-rise bearing assemblies, and the bore (diameter) of the bearings are usually either 3/4 or 1 inch. These build up in the filters and water pan. The V-belt can stretch and become loose in the pulleys, however, and it eventually wears out. It is the same principle by which an air fan cools you as it evaporates perspiration from your skin. Many small motions can work the collar off the shaft. The wire connection box is where the main power supply comes into the cooler. Dial … If you are changing the motor in an evaporative cooler, make sure you examine the current motor to see what size it is and how many speeds it has. 3/4" X 24" hollow cooler shaft. Oil bearing regular oiling, check the evaporative cooler or swamp cooler bearing can save a major headache and costs for you.In the majority of cooler, oil bearing is a very simple work.Most of the residential and small commercial model, bronze bearing.There are no moving parts, the bearing ball bearing.Bronze sleeve bronze bearing steel alloy die casting shell.Bronze sleeve shaft … Insert shaft thru both blower wheel hubs, add leather washer and insert shaft thru bearing. This will help to remove any rust caused by the condensation of the cooler parts. After getting the oil, remove the side panels on the swamp cooler. Anderson Metals F92ev 3/4x3/4evap Cool Fitting. Part # 6722 – 1" x 24" Hollow Blower Shaft Part # 6718 – ¾" x 27" Hollow Blower Shaft Part # 6716 – ¾" x 24" Hollow Blower Shaft Part # 6713 – ¾" x 21" Hollow Blower Shaft ... an independent manufacturer of replacement parts and accessories for evaporative coolers and is not affiliated with any cooler manufacturer. The cover includes an annular shaped, cover member. If pulley rotates but shaft does not, check tightness of blower pulley set screw. Pull Blower Assembly Hub against Bearing Assembly and tighten the Blower Set Screw. Leave 1 7/8 ” of shaft extended beyond bearing and then tighten set screw on blower wheel hub while squeezing blower … 12 7/8" X 12 1/8" X 1" Blower Wheel ADA/ASA35, 3000SD/DD, N30S, N31D, WC33/35/37 Most operate on 115/120 volts of power, which is the reason they use relatively little electricity when compared to 240-volt central air conditioning systems. Pads for evaporative coolers come in many types, including foamed polyester, slit expanded paper, and wood strips. ADD TO CART. Quick view Add to Cart. Example Zoom Sprout oil on Amazon. Once you open up the inside of the swamp cooler, you will need to add some solvent cleaner to the outside of the pipes. The other pulley found in an evaporative cooler is the blower pulley, which is positioned lower on the unit, in line with the blower shaft. Swamp Cooler Shaft 3/4" X 24" Hollow 87153, Mastercool Style Cooler Pads - Rigid Media, Evaporative Coolers - Residential - Whole House, 14 X 3/4" Swamp Cooler Blower Pulley 6340, 1" X 27" Shaft, Hollow - Swamp Cooler 6736, 3/4" X 21" Shaft, Hollow - Swamp Cooler 6713, 3/4" X 27" Shaft, Hollow - Swamp Cooler 6718, 3/4" High Rise Swamp Cooler Bearing 87411B, 1" BLOWER UPGRADE KIT 6500 with 11" Pulley, 3/4" Steel Collar and Leather Washer 68025, Swamp Cooler Purge Pump Drain Kit & Adapter 1556, 11" X 3/4" Swamp Cooler Blower Pulley 87083, Solid Cooler Shaft 3/4" X 23.50" RF021263. The Frigiking™ & Aerocool are manufactured by Phoenix Manufacturing. As with the motor pulley, the blower pulley must be the correct size to ensure that the swamp cooler works correctly. More info: $21.38 : Add to cart. Includes oil port. You can replace a float valve in a few minutes with parts that cost just a few dollars. MODEL #: 57492-1212 $ 6.18. We carry many parts for evaporative coolers. Locate end of shaft 1-7/8” from Bearing Assembly. Evaporative pads also come in a variety of sizes, so take measurements of the inside of the cooler panels when buying new pads. The bearings are the small round metal spheres that allow the drive shaft on the blower to spin smoothly when driven by the motor. When replacing the motor pulley with an adjustable one, be sure to set the adjustment to the motor specific size. Century SVB2054 1/2-1/6 HP, 1725/1140 RPM, 56Z Frame, CCWLE Rotation, 1/2-Inch by 1-5/8-Inch Flat Shaft Evaporative Cooler Motor 4.2 out of 5 … The distribution tubing, commonly called the spider, distributes the water from the pump to the cooler pads. Excess water will go up and over the drain tube and spill onto the ground, alerting you to the fact that there is a problem. The other pulley found in a swamp cooler is the blower pulley. It's not difficult to replace the pulley; it can be done in about an hour.

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