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Installation Introduction Important To ensure proper and safe operation, read all instructions before using the product. Care and cleaning DO DON’T Read these cleaning instructions and the Do not use aerosol cleaners until the ‘Safety and warnings’ section before range has completely cooled. Thor Product Q & A - Ranges. Thor appliances provide commercial-grade power designed to make cooking less of a chore. Before cleaning or removing any part, make sure that everything on the range Do not let soiling or grease accumulate has been turned off. Introduction Before you start 1.Make sure that the anti-tip of the range has been properly installed. Oven Use Oven burner use Oven Temperature Knob OFF b r oi l OFF b r o il 500 450 25 25 450 200 200 500 150 150 0 0 30 0 35 0 40 0 3 00 40 35 0 0 To light the oven burner, push and turn the appropriate control knob counter clockwise to the (150℉~500℉)position. Fits LRG3001U and entire LRG series of models. 1 0 obj If you don’t know how to do this, contact an electrician. Shop for the best price on HRG4808U by Thor Kitchen. Cooktop Use Guidelines for using the cooktop burners There are dual burners have the same low turn-down setting (SIM) for gentle simmering (620 BTU/hr). Rinse and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Warranty and Service 8. Specifications Fuel :LPG/NG: LP … Hold the door firmly in an approximately halfway open position. 6.7 cu. Main features include 2 x 18,000 BTU Sealed Single Burners along with 2 x 15,000 BTU Sealed Dual Burners with a 650 BTU Simmer Function as well as 2 x 12,000 BTU Sealed Single Burners in addition to a 15,000 BTU Infrared Griddle. Care and Cleaning Parts Care and Cleaning Burner caps and brass flame spreaders Check that the burner is turned OFF and allow it to cool.Lift off the burner cap and brass flame spreader.Wash them in hot soapy water, rinse, and dry. Products purchased or located outside this area are excluded. This 48 in. Foreign material in the gas line may cause an orange flame during initial operation. Oven Use Broiling guidelines Choose a suitable shelf position. This warranty is void if the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from your range. Thank you for purchasing your HRG indoor range. Dimensions and Clearances The range may be installed flush to the rear wall. With two ovens having capacities of 4.2 and 2.5 cubic ft., this unit has the space to get it all done and the power to get it done fast. Use a mild glass cleaner to remove fingerprint or smears. If a wet sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot cooking area, be careful to avoid steam burn. Holding the door firmly on both sides, gently close it about halfway. Open a window or door to let the gas escape, then follow the instructions on the inside front cover of this manual. If you open the oven door to check the food, have it open for as short a time as possible. Porcelain Surfaces Clean oven interior and inner door liners with a solution of mild detergents and hot water. HRG4808U Detailed Specification and Product Dimensions. Install or locate the product only in accordance with the provided Installation Instructions. <> Do not clean the oven gasket or use any oven-cleaning products on it. <> Comes with an installation manual. Safety and Warnings IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Definitions This is a safety alert symbol. Do not use a flame to check for gas leaks. Turn all burners off, then smother fire or flame or use dry chemical or foam-type extinguisher. HRG user manual ft. Professional Natural Gas Range in Stainless Steel, HRG4808U $4,999.00 Regular price $6,499.00 Save $1,500.00 Brand: Thor Kitchen Care and Cleaning Removing the oven door 1. Installation Introduction 5. Thanks to their contemporary stainless steel materials, Thor kitchen appliances look great in just about any setting. 4. ��I���Q��Ɨ_o�F�V-���7���/��k-#�c��|������Z����R*���KNŧ����W��PB*|u]��B�N�VUR]�~g.A]��ue�r���y %PDF-1.5 Do not attempt to adjust, repair, service or replace any part of your appliance unless it is specifically recommended in this guide. This is a traditional bake setting. propellant substance in these cleaners could catch fire in the presence of heat. 2 0 obj Igniter for Bake Burner in Oven, for THOR Ranges, HRG or LRG Oven Bake Burner igniter (ignitor) for Professional THOR Kitchen Range Stoves Fits models in HRG series: HRG3026U, HRG3080U, HRG3031U, HRG3618U, HRG3609U, HRG4804U, HRG4808U, etc. Rinse with clean water and wipe off to dry with soft, clean, lint-free cloth. Check that the burner parts are clean, dry, and correctly assembled. Cooktop Use Flame Size When you select the flame size, watch the flame when you turn the knob. /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-style-parent:""; font-size:10.0pt;"Times New Roman";} Oven Window Clean all glass surfaces with a solution of mild detergent and hot water. Doing so may damage the door. 3. 3.Read this guide, taking special note of the ‘Safety and warnings’ section. Do not heat unopened food containers. When finishing off meals by browning the top under the broiler, use metal or glass-ceramic bakeware. Never allow flames to extend beyond cookware or curl up its sides. Pls note choose the correct model you want, and feel free to contact us get the electronic installation manual. Thor Kitchen is the first manufacturer to offer a full suite of pro-style appliances for under $5,000. Condensation around oven (e.g. 3. Heat is then circulated by natural airflow. Oven Features. They self-clean during normal use. Open the door fully. Number of Shelves. Do not attempt to adjust, repair, service or replace any part of your appliance unless it is specifically recommended in this guide. Installation Introduction Electric Power Supply Requirements Your range must be electrically grounded in accordance with local codes or, in the absence of local codes, in accordance with the National Electrical Code (ANSI/NFPA 70, latest edition). 4 0 obj First Use Insert the shelves 1.Hold the front of both sides of the shelf firmly to keep it in horizontal. 1. `U�,5Eӏ���m�� Refrigeration Features. Tips for gas line connection. Now awaiting for parts for oven, rangetop and sewrvice to call me. r�C$G�X���n�v"�˲��U+��4����%F���W�V�J��]����U��l�Wb�o�m/?�_ �4�~�Ie��wŗ��J�]k�ڶ42L The warranty applies to appliances purchased and used for personal, family or household purposes only. 3. Safety and Warning IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all the instructions before using the appliance. 2.Insert the hinge tongues into the slots, making sure that the notches on both sides drop into place as shown. HRG4808U Wiring Diagram. Please call for Shipping Quote. Broiling is a method of cooking tender cuts of meat directly under the infrared broiler in the oven. Introduction HRG48” series HRG36” 6 burners series HRG36” with griddle series HRG30” series 7. One of the oven lights does not come on, but the oven works. Clean the griddle throughly with warm, soapy water to remove dust or any protective coating. 48 in. Manuals and User Guides for Thor Kitchen HRG4808U. <>/Metadata 745 0 R/ViewerPreferences 746 0 R>> %���� Dry completely with a soft, lint-free cloth. HRG4808U Detailed Specification and Product Dimensions. 4. Installation Type. CAUTION indicates a moderate hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury. DO NOT cut or remove the grounding prong from the plug. Model: HRG4808U. When one burner is turned to the “HI” position, the burner igniters will park. Infrared Broil The broil burner is located at the top of the oven. Any flame larger than the bottom of the cookware is wasted. Care and Cleaning Replacing the oven door 1. endobj Do not lift the oven door by its handle. The flame should be steady and blue in color. p��t�n�z������@��ҹ��!��� 2.Turn on the ventilation hood above your range on high. ft. Professional Gas Range in Stainless Steel. Avoid touching the vent opening or nearby surfaces during oven or broiler operation--they may become hot. It will alert you to potential personal or property safety hazards. Safety and warnings Poisoning Hazard Never cover any slots, holes or passages in the oven bottom or cover an entire rack or the oven floor with materials such as aluminum foil. Burner parts or igniters may be wet, dirty, or misaligned. Comes with an installation manual Designed specifically for HRG4808U Convert your 48 inch Thor Kitchen range from natural gas to liquid propane. It is important that the flow of hot air from the oven and fresh air into the oven burner never be interrupted. HRG user manual Do not leave children along or unattended in the area where the range is in use. You may install a non-combustible material on the rear wall above the range and up the vent hood. endobj HRG4808U Wiring Diagram. Broiling in the oven is accomplished with the oven door closed. You will hear a clicking noise – the sound of the electric spark igniting the burner. Open the levers fully on both sides. Oven Use Broiler Operation Note:Door must be closed during broiler operation. 2.Find the model and serial numbers on the CSA label in the bottom right-hand corner of the backboard.Note these numbers down for future reference in the space provided in section ‘Warranty and service’. Thor Kitchen -HRG4808U 48" PRO Stainless Steel Natural Gas Double Oven Sealed Burner Range - Convection . endobj Do not block the ducts on the rear of the range when cooking in the oven. Using the cover and broiler pan provided, heated air will be circulated over the around the food being roasted. Never use aluminum foil to cover the oven shelves or to line the floor of the oven. Problem Possible causes What to do Some burners will not light. Clean the appliance with caution. This burner heats the metal screen until it glows. 10. Regulator part installation. Contents Safety and warnings 1 Introduction 7 Installation instruction 9 First use Conditioning the oven Positioning the shelves Inset the shelves 18 18 19 Cooktop use Cooktops Guidelines for using the cooktop burners 20 22 Oven use Oven burner use Broil burner use Oven cooking guidelines Oven function 25 25 26 27 Griddle use 31 Care and cleaning Parts care and cleaning Replacing the burner parts Removing and replacing the oven door Replacing the oven light bulb 33 35 35 38 Trouble shooting. Griddle Use For the models with Griddle Before Using the Griddle 1. It is normal and necessary for some smoke to be present to give the food a broiled flavor. When people think of affordable pro-style appliances, Thor Kitchen is the first to come to mind. Check that the igniters are clean and dry. All Thor Kitchen products come with a two-year warranty and a servicing network that covers the United States. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> First Use Conditioning the oven Conditioning will burn off any manufacturing residues and ensure that you get the best results right from the start. INSTALLATION AND SERVICES MUST BE PERFORMED BY A QUALIFIED INSTALLER IMPORTANT: SAVE INSTRU TION MANUAL FOR THE LOAL INSPE TOR’S USE. Keep oven vent ducts unobstructed. x���[�#7��� �;��b�A�*�4 Expenses for travel and transportation for product service if your range is located in a remote area where service by an authorized Hyxion servicer is not available. Use a stiff nylon brush or straight-ended paper clip to clear the notches of a flame spreader.Replace the flame spreader and burner cap correctly. All openings in the wall behind the appliance and in the floor under the appliance shall be sealed. 2.Put the shelf on the slot horizontally. Number of Burners. Thor Kitchen lp conversion kit for propane gas, used for model # HRG4808U or HRG4808-BS. When all connections have been made, make sure all range controls are in the position and turn on main gas supply valve. Aluminum foil linings may also trap heat, causing a fire hazard. Trouble shooting Problem Possible causes What to do Oven No power supply (oven light and halos do not come on either). Use the appliance only for its intended purpose as described in these instructions. Thor Kitchen HRG4808U – A 48 inch gas range in stainless steel featuring a double oven, 6 burners, and commercial convection fan. The you start cleaning your range. Steam coming from oven vents at the back of the range. Placement of oven shelves – Always position shelves in the desired location while the oven is cool (before preheating). 6. Dishwasher Features. Build up of pressure may cause the container to explode and result in injury. We have 1 Thor Kitchen HRG4808U manual available for free PDF download: Manual Thor Kitchen HRG4808U Manual (60 pages) Warranty and Service This product has been manufactured by Thorkitchen Corporation,1335 Fortune Bay Ct,Hoffman Estates IL 60192. �A:��B7��R��0}�t;����H��tN�ën������'��{%2�.��>b�_��/@igI���/tr�P��afpv���(��}�c���R8�����n�WW,�fW7q%�>*"���V�u�Ru����wu� ��Q���Ȩ�5�|E�z�GT~C ��M=��q�x�Ƭ?Yu%a>��{5T��T{��v����C6�w�V+�V��S�P/(R��'=��WZj��+����M���؄�Z��B�ծ�d�����.��N�#hYj�)i�P=�D����9 �#�A;�kr0\1��\���4��@\c��!T�Z'���r�'����^�Fr���+N�{�l�}����_��B}vs��A���Q*Ow�r�zzRc��f�E*|++�{�W���P��k�ލ���Q��V�?���Q��$�. During and after use, do not touch interior surfaces of the oven until cool. The supply to the house may not be working or there may be an outage. It is not necessary to install non-combustible materials behind the range below the counter top height. Please note that the cover must be removed before turning the griddle on. Boilover causes smoking and greasy spills that may ignite. A stainless steel cover that is sized to fit on top of the surface when the griddle is not being used is provided. No gas supply (gas ovens). Gas Supply Requirements Installation of this range must conform with local codes, or in the absence of local codes, with national Fuel Gas Code,ANSIZ223.1 / NFPA 54.

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