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Are you looking for the best tower fan? If you’re tossing up between a regular pedestal fan and a tower design, there are a number of factors that separate the two types including: Space: Tower fans … Be sure to choose the correct tower fan, so that you can save yourself the time and hassle. Ultimately, we can come to the conclusion that tower fans and pedestal fans will cost relatively the same. They are written objectively and with honesty. Tower Fans vs. Oscillating Fans Conclusion. Which means air blowing out from pedestal fan is much larger. So let’s run through the same process of above. They are also easier to transport and give more control over airflow. But, if you want to buy a cheap fan and a more powerful fan then go for a pedestal fan. Even the most basic and inexpensive models come with a multitude of features that allow you to personalize your settings. Price Point Difference. Generally the process involves wiping down the grill with a duster or compressed air. We have reviwed 5 Best Pedestal Fans … On the other hand, a tower fan will cost 2-3 cents depending on the models and features of the fan. Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Which Is The Best Pedestal fans vs tower which is better and why tower fans vs stand ceiling floor who s best tower fan vs pedestal which one is better for your home tower fan vs air cooler which is better you. So there is, especially you have kids, a high chance of figure getting whacked with fan blades. Using V-Flow Circulation, the Tower Circulator moves all the air in the room. The pedestal fan has a wide base so they are very stable while running. The power output of a normal pedestal fan will be between 50-100 Watt. Now you know the difference between tower fans and pedestal fans, click the links below to find the best choices on, Ceramic Space Heater vs Oil Filled Heater. Mercator RF Remote Control Set. Besides, the CFM rating of pedestal fans is way greater than tower fan. There are a number of tower fans available that have an ionizing feature built into them so you can enjoy the benefits. Their tall and ungainly designs aren’t as sleek as a tower fan, but if looks don’t matter, they provide a more powerful solution for cooling down a room. The first thing you need to know to work this out is the wattage of the tower fan you are buying. In an office, you are likely not so worried about decor as you would be at home so pedestal fans are a better choice. Tower fan styles. First, take a quick look at the power rating of some of the popular tower fan: Based on the above wattage rating of the popular tower fan we could say the power output rating of an average tower fan will be rated between 40W-60W. The pedestal fan … Pedestal fans are not always used by business owners or homeowners who truly value the motif of the space, as pedestal fans can become a bit of an eyesore. You can adjust up and down, left and right and often you can control the tilt of a pedestal fan. However, the tower fan has a slim base, and one can easily knock it over accidentally and may cause serious injury. Design of pedestal fans is Often aesthetically unpleasing. Otherwise, you are left with poor air circulation and a fan that does not get the job done. Tower fans do not require you to get inside and clean out the blades in order to continue working well. Normal Fan: A normal fan is a usual fan with a standard way of functioning; it also is a design culture for the general people. Vornado's Tower Circulator moves air unlike any typical tower fan. Fingers of an adult can easily put the finger in the gap and reach the fan blades whic… The disadvantages of a pedestal fan compared to a tower fan is that they are harder to clean, often do not fit with your decor as nicely, often have fewer features, take up more space and are much easier to knock over. Pedestal fan consumes less power than tower fan. So running a pedestal fan for 24 hours a day would cost you $0.3288 dollars a day. If you have kids and/or animals around the house, pedestal fans are much more susceptible to being knocked over given their tall and not so steady base. 1. Our experts always do experiments with the cooling system. Design – You may also want to check the design of the fan. Orient Electric 450 MM Tornado Review. They come in a number of varieties with a plethora of pricing options, which is what the modern consumer has come to expect in these instances. Pedestal fans have surely taken over the other options of cooling as they are very portable and can be easily moved around the house. That being said, some tower fans … Feel free to leave ask a question or leave a comment below. Buy Now On Amazon But, some tower fan offers same oscillation degree as pedestal fan. You can get better flexibility with your airflow direction if you use a pedestal fan. You can think to place any other fans even pedestal fans into the corner where you can fit a tower fan easily. Tower fans look beautiful compared to normal fans. Next we need to know what the cost of electricity is. But, we have seen many modern apartments has pedestal fan for outdoor use because they are powerful. When it comes to tower fan vs pedestal fan, for me, tower fan is the winner as it is safe for kids and pets, good looking and lightweight. The following is a Honeywell fan that was tested by a customer and said to be 60 decibels on a low setting. Okay. Ceiling fan prices range from around $70 up to $2,000 or more. The pedestal and tower fans deliver almost the same results. Classic pedestal fan of Honeywell, one of the well-known fan manufacturers. In-fact, in many cases you will void the warranty if you do. Obviously different models may vary but that should give you a rough idea of airflow. Are tower fans any good? They differ in their air flow directions and the type of air flow they produce. Key features to look for Noise. That will get you a good brand, good quality and some very good features. Look for features and specifications like overload protectors, plastic blades, maximum rotations of blades, etc. Tower Fans vs. Oscillating Fans Conclusion. You do not have to disassemble the fan to clean its blades; you can just use the compressed air. The pedestal fan tends to only work best in one type of space or enclosure and for those who are seeking a fan for their small to medium spaces, they can fit a tower fan into the corner of any room and still enjoy the same air circulation that a more cumbersome fan would provide. They ranged from 51db on low settings  to 62db on high. The difference between a tower fan vs pedestal fan is that tower fans are more practical to place, tend to have more available features and offer more stylish options. Pedestal vs Tower Fan Noise Levels Some buyers of these types of fan also consider the noise levels for their home. In both case studies, we assume the peak hour electricity rate is 28.7 cents and used the fan 8 hours per day. We measure and rate the airflow, price and noise from fan brands including Dyson, Big W, Sunbeam, Kambrook, Midea, DeLonghi and Omega Altise to find the best one for you. So what’s your choice? We try to provide the best possible solution to survive during the hot summer season. Tower fans are relatively more complex devices than pedestal or stand fans. Tower fan vs regular fan is preferable by design. Tower fans are compact, stylish and versatile. The tower fans, however, comes with a filter that proves to be of great advantage to people around if they suffer from an allergy. As a matter of fact, when using a tower fan we generally consider the approach of the trend. Below is the list of disadvantages of a pedestal fan vs a tower fan. Pedestal fans, sometimes known as stand fans, tend to be more powerful than tower fans. Tower or pedestal fan?Conclusion – Which is better tower or pedestal fanInfographic, Running a tower fan for 24 hours a day would cost you approximately $0.3288 dollars a day, $9.864 dollars a month, $120.012 dollars a year. When you compare the energy consumption of pedestal and tower fan, both fans wattage rating is almost similar. After cleaning the pedestal fan, you will need to wipe it dry and put it back together. It is clear that the pedestal fan gives more high-speed air circulation but makes a lot of noise also. You will find the information about the output power rating of a fan in the box or user manual. User #16833 2330 posts. The power of a fan is one of the most important features to consider when choosing the right type of fan to go for. We test and review pedestal and tower fans in the CHOICE labs. The Lasko 4443 is also a “high velocity” tower fan so is likely to use more power than the average tower fan. Their blades are very big in size and they are visible not hidden as tower fan. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This gives you a lot of control in terms of where you want the airflow to be directed. So, one can place it without any trouble. Are tower fans good or are pedestal fans better? But, you need to be aware of your room size to be able to select a fan with an appropriate size. Categories . share. And a Vornado pedestal fan is said to use around 63 watts on high. How to Position Fans to Cool a Room – Learn Right! Uses and advantages of pedestal fan. Tower fans are a bit more versatile in terms of features and there are a lot of features you can get on tower fans that you won’t find on pedestal fans. A fairly good quality pedestal fan usually comes up with the CFM rating of around 1800 CFM on average. They fit even the most limited spaces. Our expert Mohiuddin Shawon who is a certified engineer is here to guide you on this. Rowenta pedestal fan is the classic example of such kind of respectable design pedestal fan. On the other side, the average cfm of tower fan is around 800 CFM. So running a tower fan for 24 hours a day would cost you $0.3288 dollars a day. Often, pedestal fans have the power cord running right up to the middle/top of the fan which leaves the cord dangling down to the floor as in the picture to the right. Air coolers and tower fans are cooling devices with very different mechanisms – which means their efficiency differs as well. The pedestal fan comes up with large and powerful blades. Tower fans are more practical to place and tend to have more available features, offer more stylish options. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, some believe that an air Ionizer can help. Room size; When you’re buying a pedestal fan, there is often a tendency to overlook this factor. Don’t need to be worry about it anymore!! Be it office or for home use, you will need to understand the various features and options available for you to choose the best pedestal fan in … Therefore, they are built up with a powerful motor which creates a huge sound. How much does it cost to run a Pedestal fan? The desk fan consumes the least power ranging 10W-30W. Pedestal fans with rounded heads are considered to be the ‘traditional’ design for oscillating fans, however, it is a widely successful and functional design. In case you want the air directed at a height above the ground or at some particular spot in the room, the pedestal fan is a great option. It makes the fans … The blades of a pedestal are larger than the tower fan and the resulting movement is more effective in creating wind so if you desire a strong breeze an oscillating pedestal fan may be the best choice. You may also get a tower fan with this price range. Because the apartments are very small in size. They use a series of horizontal turbine-like fans that such air from the lower part of the “tower” and exhaust it from its upper end. Compare Compare. Let’s see how much cost it will cut running it for an entire year for 8 hours per day in the below table: Now Take a Look At The Expected Cost of Running A Tower Fan. A good average price for a tower fan is around $60. Hopefully this guide has helped you chose the right fan for you whether it be a tower fan or a pedestal fan. Also on a number of tower fans, there are a variety of different speed settings and most have a remote control. Unlike a pedestal fan of which you would need to take off the grill to clean. And to add to that, both tower fans and pedestal fans have wifi enabled options for extra convenience. Most have some kind of cowling. For the most part, pedestal fans all look like a pedestal fan. Lasko #2535 52-inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan; The Lasko pedestal fan is pretty easy to handle, and it looks quite similar to a tower fan. The best ceiling fans, window fans, towers and whole-house fans … Running a pedestal fan will cost around 1-2 cents per hour. CFM is a very important parameter when we are talking about the fan. Hopefully, this guide has given you a bit more of an idea of where to start, or you can also check out our comparison between standing fans and box fans along with our window fan and box fan and air circulator or regular fan guide. So, you can choose any model which you may think would be best slotted with your home décor. Looking for a fan that is best for limited space? Isn’t it surprisingly cool feature!! Should you find that you have too large of a space to cool, then you will need to invest in a portable air conditioner or an evaporative cooler that allows for more raw power that is actually controllable or an air circulator. They are what I would consider a low, medium and high powered fan. Here’s the list of the different factors that you should consider before purchasing a pedestal fan! Pedestal fans however have open grills and it is easy for dust to get in amongst the blades. It makes the fans suitable for the people that suffer from allergic diseases. In terms of the design, the tower fans are a lot more attractive than pedestal fans. He has done hours of research on both types of fans and in some cases he has tested the popular fan models of both types of fans and finally, he brought this pedestal vs tower fan article for our readers. Check Fan Prices at Appliances Online^ Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan. How much does it cost to run a tower fan? Be sure to check out our in-depth guide. Find out the pros and cons in our ULTIMATE GUIDE to help choose which is best for your circumstances. This means you need to take the grill off and get inside to clean the blades. 93% Upvoted. On the other hand, pedestal fans offer stronger airflow across a broader area, so they’re more suitable for a large office space. Along with that, the blades of a pedestal fan, although encased by a grill usually, still leave room for fingers or small items to get entangled with the blades through the grills. To clean a pedestal fan, you must have to disassemble the fan part to part. Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan. In contrast, pedestal fans are more powerful, better for larger spaces and offer more control over air direction with control over height.. Tower fans seem to not have this problem, but they seem to have a very narrow area of air being blown. Also, assume that (based on the average wattage rating of the popular pedestal fan) this pedestal fan use 45W on low, 55 Watt on Mid, and 60W on high-speed mode. No other fans even pedestal fans can’t provide users such freedom of choice that tower fan does. ALDI Tower Fan: 34 questions on Australia's largest opinion site Holmes is a brand of air filters and purifiers, humidifiers, and fans. save hide report. Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan: Point by Point Comparision, energy consumption of pedestal and tower fan, AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan, Seville Classics UltraSlimline Oscillating Tower Fan, Lasko T42951 Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan, The suggested method of cleaning by manufacturers makes a tower fan easier to clean than a pedestal fan. If one of your primary objectives when purchasing a fan is to improve air quality, the pedestal fan is not going to be your best choice, instead, you will want to look at a tower fan with an ionizer. What's in this guide? We know time is precious so we have spent time researching products so you don't have to. Here's what we recommend. So, buying a pedestal fan from our top 10 Pedestal Fans in India listing is going to offer you a lot of benefits. The pedestal fan has a wide base so they are very stable while running. However, the tower fan has a slim base, and one can easily knock it over accidentally and may cause serious injury. This thing will indeed cool you down. Ask a question about ALDI Tower Fan in Standalone Fans. Most manufacturers do not suggest you take the fan to pieces in order to clean the inside. Links to the TOWER FANS mentioned in this video: 5. The base is generally not as wide so they take up less space and they are much shorter than their counterparts. Both options are great and will keep you cool at night and through the summer. Well, you are not the only person. Tower fan vs regular fan is preferable by design. Apr 12, 2018 - Are you having the tower fan vs pedestal fan debate? They're often best suited to a large living area. What kind of fans do you guys find to be the best quality? For example a breeze mode, or sleep mode which changes the amount of air coming out of the fan automatically. Other fans do not provide the customer with the same freedom of choice as the tower fan. Pedestal fans are usually more powerful than tower fans and generate more air flow. Due to the wide variety of styles offered by pedestal fans, we rate it at 9.4/10. So. Both options are great and will keep … This feature is extremely common to pedestal fans. Pedestal fans vs tower which is better and why tower fans vs stand ceiling floor who s best tower fan vs pedestal which one is better for your home tower fan vs air cooler which is better you Whats people lookup in this blog: How much does it cost to run a tower fan?How much does it cost to run a Pedestal fan?Tower Fan ProsPedestal Fan ProsPedestal Fan ConsTower Fan ConsTower Fan vs Pedestal Fan NoiseWhich is easier to clean? They’re not ideal for cooling in kitchens or other excessively hot spaces, however, where a window or box fan makes a much better option due to their increased air output. Tower fans look beautiful compared to normal fans.

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