tree of savior wizard classes

Can block enemies’ attack (reducing damage by half) and have a chance to [Freeze] them. You can use 3 Ice Blast in the entire duration of the skill. Overheat: 1 Overheat: 1 Duration: 1 If you get this skill, it is mainly for this attribute to heal your other Bokor or Necromancer summons’ HP. Lift nearby enemies up into the air. The buff lasts for 30s so it sadly does not have 100% uptime. AOE (3/5): Heavy Gravity and Gravity Pole both have good AOE. Chance to stun enemies. Damage dealt to enemies under [Freeze] debuff is increased by [skill level] x 2% when attack lands as a critical hit. Not a priority. Alchemist Despite falling into the magician category, Pyromancers are also considered to be holy magicians in that they have a close relation with Gabija, the Goddess of Fire. Mastema: Enhance Taoist is one of the strongest among the wizard tree. Use the Kundela to attack enemies. Obtain recipe for ‘Magic Amplification Potion’ to craft. Stop: Control Boss Monster This skill is very good in the early stages, but falls off when you get stronger skills. Increases the cooldown time of a random skill belonging an enemy within range. The scroll effects do affect summons such as Necromancer’s and Bokor’s summons. Alchemists use alchemy to reinforce gems and create new items. [Available from the 2nd Advancement] A fairly strong skill. Uses 1 SP potion that is registered in the Alchemy Workshop when used. Flying-type monsters within the affected area are changed to ground-type, and Raise tiles around the affected area are removed. Chronomancer: Mainly for Pass, to reduce the cooldown of their main single target DPS skills. ... Elememe - Skill Simulator - Tree of Savior Fan Base. Definitely max this. Higher level increases the duration of the debuff. Cryomancer is a good support class. Warlock: Shadow Condensation inflicts [Blind] which boosts all of Warlock skills by 30%. The grimoire can only equip Devil-type monster cards. Cryomancers believe that they are the stern keepers of the Kingdom’s tradition. The Evil Spirits fly towards the enemies within range to damage them. The buffs are as follows, Summon Servant: Quick Order However, Wizards have an attribute “Rod Mastery” that reduces the casting time of skill, so Rod users will not fine this skill as needed. Cooldown: 20s Sage: Sage’s attribute “Sage: Maestro of Dimension” increase the damage of non-property skills on enemies inflicted by [Slow] by 30%. Support (2/5): Missile Hole is a good short duration buff. Allow you to craft various potions. Cooldown: 20s It also reduces the Maximum HP of targets, even more than normal [Corruption]. A waste of time to use so I wouldn’t recommend putting any points into it. Instantly activates the spell contained inside the installed charm. It installs a slowly moving charm that continuously do damage to enemies who touch it that hits a maximum of 60 hits. This skill is either very useful for you, or totally useless. I do prefer the attribute on when fighting bosses and high HP enemies, and the attribute off when enemies are low HP. Enemies receive more damage from Holy Property attacks, but the only Holy Property attack under the Wizard Tree is Runecaster’s Rune of Justice. Depending on your build, you can add some points or max it. The position of the Chronomancer Master had been vacant for many years until Lucid Winterspoon stepped up to carry on the legacy of chronomancy left behind by Agailla Flurry. The pros is that your HP reduction is less (lose 40% instead of 60%) and [Curse of Blood] lasts 7s more. Overheat: 1 While mounted on the devil, your damage taken decreases. Zombie stats are based on those of the killed enemy. You should always try inflict the target with [Curse] and inflict 3 debuffs to get 3 hits on the skill, so that you can have 9 hits in total (plus the 100% bonus from [Curse])from the 3 overheat. Warlock/Shadowmancer: “Featherfoot: Witch Doctor” boosts Dark Property attacks to enemies inflicted with [Curse]. Cooldown: 25s The new summoned devil will have their cooldown of the riding skills resetted. The attribute that makes Shoggoth good, allowing Shoggoth to spread [Greater Corruption] around itself The attribute allows you to have as good as permanent [Corruption] debuff around you (since the Shoggoth is around you). Necromancer. Large zombies are slower but do more damage. Take note that enemies under this debuff will take less damage from other property attacks so make sure you do not spam your other Property attack DPS skills when the target is petrified. It is good however to invest some points into it. Overheat: 1 Overheat: 3 Currently, their ultimate goal is to capture the shadow of the eclipse to create a powerful wide-area magic spell. Overheat: 1 Storm Calling: Enhance These are the skills which induces [Slow] or have slow effects that will trigger the attribute. Shoggoth is tanky enough by itself anyway. Cooldown: 1m Shadow Thorn: Stepping Shadows Cooldown: 1m 40s (level 1) - 30s (level 15) It isn’t a very strong skill, but its reasonable damage and low cooldown makes it worth it to get points into this, Heavy Gravity: Slow Fire Pillar and Flame Ground covers a pretty wide range good enough for CM. Controls time to decrease the movement speed of enemies. You can summon a maximum of 5 skeletons (soldier, archer, mage). Cooldown: 20s Rune Caster. Even when Agailla Flurry used to be the master of all magic, she would hire helpers that would assist her in her other duties while she kept working as a Wizard. The skill has pretty large frontal AOE. Chance of receiving additional Fire damage momentarily. If an enemy attack is successfully blocked, the damage received is reduced in half and the attacker is frozen. Here is another overview of the Classes available in Tree of Savior, but we are focusing with the Wizard Character today. Boost your damage to even more than 50% depending on the attribute level so do try to get this high. The first class a character has is called Basic Class and those are Archer, Cleric, Scout, Swordsman and Wizard, each one has different characteristics and has a different set of weapons to pick from. Wizard skills cover larger areas and are effective against a larger number of enemies. Even when Agailla Flurry used to be the master of all magic, she would hire helpers that would assist her in her other duties while she kept working on her duties as a Wizard. Tincturing: Block Potion The increase in damage will continue for a 3 second duration after channeling ends. Depending on your build, you may or may not want to get this. Flesh Cannon: Corruption I. IntroductionThis is a guide that entails the information and explanation to every single wizard class since Re:Build. Enemies cannot attack you while in this state. Definitely get this high, since it is one of your strongest attacking skills. I don’t think you need this one. Ice Pike: Enhance Hence, do not use Bone Pointing this when you want to use Bokor’s Hexing on specific targets like bosses or else it will overwrite the stronger debuff. Enchanter. It does 8 instead of 4 hits if it hits a lot of enemies. The main highlight is Pass, which reduces the cooldown of your party members greatly, increasing the overall DPS of your party. You can choose to add this or don’t. Damage (2/5): It does pretty low damage, and cannot compare to other main DPS classes. Damage is reduced to 25% if the target is a boss. Applies [Stop] to yourself for 5s that removes debuffs of rank 3 and below. AOE (3/5): Depending on your summoned devil, AOE may vary. Definitely add this since it essentially doubles your damage. 1. This is one of the best functions and reasons for making an alchemist class, and that is to make potions for your own characters. Micro Dimension: Confusion Cooldown: 20s It does inflict [Slow] which can trigger Sage: Maestro of Dimension. Summon the fire devil Salamion. Howling White Tiger do benefit from this. One of the main summons of Necromancer. Invocation: Demon Spirit 2 - References and background information. Cooldown: 30s Wizard boss killer. Summons a tree of ice on the ground that freezes and damages enemies nearby. 10% chance to inflict burn on enemies for 10s. Lethargy: Enchant Lethargy Sorcerers are magicians that summon demons to do their bidding. The best thing about this skill is the Rune of Protection: Endurance attribute that grants you immunity to knockback and knockdown. Boost your zombies HP and movement speed. Get it to higher level if you are using Elementalist of Psychokino for the combo. You don’t really need this at all since you can simply get more corpse fragments from “Corpse Parts Urn” item which you can buy from the Wizard NPC. Cooldown: 10s Heavy Gravity: Enhance Even if you do not intend to use this to make money (well it doesn’t exactly make a lot money, doing CMs and farming earns you more), it is good to have 1 Sage just so you can set up your own Portal Shop just to allow your own characters to use them. Take note that the higher the skill level, the more targets it can hit. Flame Ground: Diffusion Deals additional damage when exploding via Begone Demon. You and your party members will be able to use it (take note that portal duration is 15s regardless of level). This skill is very useful in boosting your Lightning Property attacks, allowing them to do 50% more damage. List of Classes, with advanced filtering and sorting. The highest damage dealing skill Shadowmancer has. Cooldown: 20s Overheat: 1 The maximum number of spirits that can be on the field is 10. Install a charm that increases vulnerability to Fire, Ice and Lightning properties. Ice Wall can be used to combo with Psychokino’s Psychic Pressurethat releases ice shard. Each portal when opened, will have their own separate “Portal Cooldown” which is dependent on the Portal skill level. The attacked enemies reflect magic on other enemies, dealing additional damage to them and reducing their magic defense. Overheat: 2 They can mount or take control of the demons to fight on the field of battle. The corpse parts of monsters affected by the evil energy can be collected once defeated. Invoke the power of the Water Shikigami to summon strong water currents and attack your enemies. You can only summon up to 5 Necromancer Undead Summons (soldier/archer/mage). Overheat: 1 A very strong channeling skill. Pyromancer. 2634. Release a surge of electricity to attack enemies in front of you. Reduces damage taken when using the skill, by 10%. Wizard boss killer. This makes this skill very versatile. Tree of Savior Forum. For example, For Breakdown of Class, it is split into different sections. Overheat: 1 In PVE, it can deplete your SP pretty fast and considering that a lot of skills nowadays use a lot of SP, this skill isn’t a very popular pick for PVE focused builds. Concentrate magic energy and fire it at enemies. Blood Curse: Enhance It is a very good sub-class to have. However, the skill itself is very strong and has a very short cooldown which makes Bokor relatively good in the AOE department. Maximum Critical Chance is applied when the enemy Debuffed enemies attacked with Rune of Ice become frozen for 3 seconds. This is very useful to save yourself and your party members when you are almost dead. Summon Salamion: Heat Meteor does huge burst AOE damage, while Fire Claw has very good single target damage. Definitely get it if you added Teleportation. Also, your demon’s HP will gradually decrease so you would have to either resummon your demon or use “Morph” to get your demon’s HP back. Elementalists are scholars of magic that study how the elements that make up this world are moved by the will of the Goddesses. Summon a group of talismans behind you and send them forward to attack your enemies. Both classes are also good in CC which makes this pair the CC king. Fires a magic missile that knockbacks targets. Increasing the skill level increases the range of the skill, so you can choose how much to add. Support (3/5): Heavy Gravity and Gravity Pole both can slow enemies. This skill applies a [Hexing] debuff and reduces the magic defense of the target. This list currently features all the known classes in Tree of Savior. Max this as it increases Ice Wall duration by 10s. The summon itself is pretty weak. Each charm lasts for 120s and you can install multiple charms over the area, so this skill is very useful in CM whereby you can lay your charms all around to boost your damage. Appraiser • Arbalester • Archer • Cannoneer • Falconer • Fletcher • Hunter • Matross • Mergen • Musketeer •, Cleric • Chaplain • Crusader • Dievdirbys • Druid • Exorcist • Inquisitor • Kabbalist • Krivis • Miko • Monk •, Ardito • Assassin • Bullet Marker • Corsair • Enchanter • Linker • Outlaw • Rangda • Rogue •, Barbarian • Blossom Blader • Cataphract • Doppelsoeldner • Dragoon • Fencer • Hackapell • Highlander • Hoplite •, Alchemist • Bokor • Cryomancer • Chronomancer • Elementalist • Featherfoot • Necromancer • Onmyoji •, Centurion • Fortune Teller • Lama • Luchador • Mimic. The skill lasts for 6.6s but the additional damage lasts for 14s so the targets will overall get more hits if it does not stay in the skill. Chronomancer: This is mainly for bossing, whereby Pass can be used to reduce the cooldown of Taoist’s main DPS skills. Cooldown: 1m Featherfoot: [Greater Corruption] from Necromancer boosts Poison Property damage by 30%, which boosts all of Featherfoot’s skills. The damage however isn’t high so only use this for CC purposes. Cooldown: 45s I do not think there is a need to add this too high and your skill points could be put to better use to increase your damage. If you are looking for a class to kill up the gaps in the AOE department, Onmyoji is a good choice to bet on. Class Review for Wizard in Tree of Savior 06/06/2016 share to It is not easy to choose a class in tree of savior, and it is impossible to master the skill simulator. Swordsman. > Tree of Savior : Wizard class guide This overview guide will be focusing on the Wizard's classes in a way that hopefully is easy to understand for inexperienced players overwhelmed by the game's class system without much of an idea of what to do with their characters. Sorcerer. Add this high. Use this skill and stop channeling it just to get the damage boost for your spirits (buff lasts 3s), and quickly use “Evil Sacrifice” to redirect the spirits. Overheat: 1 The hitbox of summons are not very large, neither are the active skills. It also has fairly good damage and a pretty long range. Overheat: 1 Rune of Justice: Enhance This benefits Pyromancers even more, Ice Property: Slow Cooldown: 10s Overheat: 1 Overheat: 1 Overheat: 1 Plant a glyph on the ground symbolizing Baron Samedi, the loa of death. Overheat: 1 It also changes flying-type enemies to ground-type. We will also touch on the various synergy that each class have with other classes, and I’ll provide a few viable Build Templates that you may want to try out. It's easy enough to say the class system is simple, but even experienced players put considerable effort into their class, skill, and stat choices. There are however other classes that does more DPS than Pyromancer. Ride an enormous snowball and crush any enemies in your way. Scout>X>Linker>Thaumaturge - standard farming scout build. How about changing your base class to a different one then swapping back to wizard. We are also seeing the rise of Chronomancer with Elementalist as a bossing build. Not that useful. Rod Mastery: Ice Gather powerful magical energy and launch it towards an enemy. Sorcerer: This is due to Desmodus’s [Vampirism] debuff that increases the damage of zombies. What makes the skill strong is this attribute that allows it to do 2 hits on grounded enemies. Wizard. Others can opt to max this or other skills depending on preferences. You honestly don’t really need anything higher than 1 unless you really need that extra minutes of portal cooldown. Although it does look like Sage have synergy with a lot of classes, it isn’t a popular pick in DPS or support. You can only use this skill when you are under Levitation. Raise Dead: Enhance They specialize in manipulating the different dimensions or creating portals that can be used for traveling to known locations. Shadowmancer is more targetted to boss fights from Infernal Shadow and its high single target damage from Shadow Thorn, and do not really do that well in AOE based content like challenge modes. Use pluvial of alchemy to create a new item. The skill is ok. This is very helpful for your entire party. Runecaster Alchemist do provide good support for parties with Sprinkle HP/SP potion. 1. Max this for 30% more damage with Featherfoot skills. Allows you to deal damage to targets who come near you. Runecaster: Skilled Casting Inflicts damage on an enemy by creating a powerful earthquake. This skill is pretty good at CC as it has a slight suction effect. Sorcerer: SP Recovery Online. Overheat: 1 The skill description says that is curses but it doesn’t. Gives you 50% more damage with Dark Property attack against enemies under [Curse]. This is what makes Chronomancer a number 1 pick for boss killing. Magic Shield: Protect Party Cooldown: 30s The debuff isn’t that significant, and the extra SP consumption (50% more) is pretty high. Rank 1. The Elementalist's toolkit is chiefly comprised of spells which do high damage and (often) hit multiple targets within an area, but have a long cast time, making them the Nukers of Tree of Savior. and one more thing i dont know why my mates keep telling me to just put enervation to just 1 point. This skill is very strong when aimed properly or when it hit single targets like bosses. You need to either use “Evil Sacrifice” or “Ghastly Trail” to move them, which will be further explained in their respective skill descriptions. Cloth Mastery: Magic * Allows you to equip [Cloth] armor * 20% Magic Damage reduced when the player is equipped with 4 pieces of [Cloth] armor. The increased range of Psychic Pressure do help if you also pair it with Pyromancer/Cryomancer. The subsequent 2 classes will be unlocked when you reach Class Level of 45. It is mainly used for the 50% bonus damage for Lightning Property attacks. Grants a buff that increases the damage bonus of property attacks when attacking an enemy’s weakness. Snow Rolling: Enhance Rocks may eventually crumble, but they never permanently perish in that they are returned to nature in the end. Attacks received consume SP instead of HP. Members. Summon 5 evil spirits surrounding you. You can either increase this skill to have stronger Zombies damage, or other skills to have stronger debuffs/skill damage. Enemies hit by the Shikigami have their Slow debuff extended by 5 seconds. This summon is stationary that continuously attacks enemies in range. 1 point is enough for freezing purposes. Charges a divine magic attack that is unleashed in a straight line. Nail the shadow of enemies to the ground to prevent them from moving. I personally would not take this due to the increased cooldown. Depending on your build, some may want to max this some may not. You can put this attribute on your keyslot to toogle it on/off. The first class a character has is called Basic Class and those are Archer, Cleric, Scout, Swordsman and Wizard, each one has different characteristics and has a different set of weapons to pick from. You can summon a maximum of 5 skeletons (soldier, archer, mage). In general, Staff do provide more magic attack but the Rod + Shield combo provide more defense which is important in the game. Featherfoot: “Featherfoot: Witch Doctor” boosts Dark Property attacks to enemies inflicted with [Curse]. Overheat: 1 Cast your shadow outwards, dealing damage to enemies within it. Affected enemies receive the Necromancer Bane debuff. Created Aug 15, 2013. Summon a skeleton soldier made from corpse parts. It has a big AOE that does multiple hits (14 hits) but the skill is not very strong. Alchemistic Missile: Enhance It however, only have a 50% hit chance against flying enemies with attribute. You can only register Alchemist-made potions. Even when Agailla Flurry used to be the master of all magic, she would hire helpers that would assist her in her other duties while she kept working on her duties as a Wizard. You can change the direction while casting this skill. It is good to have but since the purpose of Shoggoth isn’t really for damage dealing, it isn’t a high priority. They can quicken or slow time to assist their party members in combat. Warlock/Shadowmancer/Bokor: Yin Yang Harmony grants a 20% damage boost for each second per attribute level and hence boosting the dark property skills of those 3 mentioned classes. Opens a shop to roast and enhance gems. I was thinking it might be much easier to navigate rather than posting an enormous large wall of text and people would need to scroll through large chucks of text. Cooldown: 1m Creeping Death, Tri-Disaster and Upper Level explode to attack nearby enemies. Get it. For a new player, getting the cheaper summons are good enough until you earn enough silver for a stronger summon or for a 10 star card. Cooldown: 30s The skills do become obsolete except for Lethargy for certain builds. Overheat: 1 So the Class ranks should be at 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, and 105 Thanks a lot #3 < > While casting Hell Breath, you receive melee attack-blocking effect. Some multihit skills which I use to trigger Enervation are skills like Magic Missile, Demon Scratch, Pole of Agony (a lot of hits), and also even Blood Sucking. Increases damage to Beast Type enemies by 50% (maxed). Classes that only have Circle 1 … Gives you an [Enchant Slow] buff that gives you a 10% (maxed) chance to apply slow to enemies upon attack for 1m. Slow: Enchant Slow The matriarch of the Winterspoon family was the first known Alchemist in the Kingdom and, to this day, the Winterspoons hold considerable influence in the world of alchemy. Earthquake: Remove Knockdown It does however lose out to Cryomancer slightly in the CC department. **The Storm duration is only 13s so be sure to cast your Lightning Property skills before the Storm ends. Definitely get this to instantly get the 5 buffs at once. Casting Blood Curse while low on HP could make you incapable of combat. One of the best AOE skills that Wizards can have. Increases critical damage against enemies under the effect of [Freeze]. Support (3/5): Tri Disaster Charm is really good in supporting parties with classes that do Fire/Ice/Lightning damage as the effects of the charm benefits the entire party. For PVE purposes, you do not need this skill. Overheat: 1 Desmodus: Enhance The Onmyoji are able to summon divine spirits and use the magic of Yin and Yang in combat, which allows them to face a large number of opponents simultaneously. Can trigger Sage: Maestro of Dimension to work, increasing the damage of non-property attacks affected by [Slow] by 30%. Wizard is our base class and as you level up, you can select up to 3 more classes When you first reach a Class Level of 15, you will be able to select your first new class. Cooldown: 15s Overheat: 1 Overheat: 5 You don’t really need that many points into this so just dump your spare points into this skill. Elementalist: Meteor and Fire Claw benefit from Tri Disaster Charm, while Electrocute benefit from Storm Calling and Lightning Charm. Increase [Freeze] duration by 2.5s (maxed). The Kingdom has acknowledged and sanctioned them as an official part of the Kingdom's clergybut where they come from such categorization means little.

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